D. The insured or beneficiary has to intimate/ report the loss to Help Centre: 8810655030 Or Mail Us of the apps gram within 48 hrs of the occurrence.
E. The apps gram help centre will note down the details of the insured, equipment, and the incidence and raise a reference no.
F. The apps gram help centre will provide the ref. No to the beneficiary and will brief him/her the claims procedure over the phone.

2. Survey is a must in case of each snatching claim.
3. Intimate police station on snatching and get police fir “Duly stamped & signed”.
4. Block all sim card (for multi-sim equipment) with telecom operators and get sim blocking letter “Duly stamped & signed”, in case of theft/snatching of mobile handsets/ tablets.
5. Fir to be procured within 48 hours of the incident.
6. Sim blocking letter to be procured within 96 hours of the incident.
7. The insured will arrange to send the claim documents in the prescribed format to the broker’s office address.

An immediate intimation (not later than 48hrs from the date of loss)
About loss should be given to apps gram at .8810655030 Or Mail Us


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