About Appsgram

We at Apps Gram understand the importance of a smartphone for its owner and know the difficulties which can be faced in case it is damaged. Apps Gram strives to cater to the needs of all and  that’s why we give you comprehensive coverage while comparatively being light on your budget. With 500+ distributors and a chain of more than 6000 retailers Apps Gram has a pan India coverage and soon plans to venture into international market covering Asia.

Apps Gram’s forte is faster settlement of claims because we really understand the urgency associated with mobile insurance. Apps Gram assures you of proactive steps in case of mobile insurance claims so that you do not repent a single rupee spend on your insurance. So, either it is a case of smartphone insurance or mobile theft insurance whenever you raise a claim we always initiate priority action.

Apps Gram’s mobile insurance gives you protection from some of the most common threats like accidental damage, liquid damage and cover for theft and burglary so that you never have to think twice before carrying your phone as your prized possession. We give you complete gadget insurance and mental assurance for keeping your worries at bay.

Smartphones and tablets have just not remained a medium to make calls but they also hold most of conversations, memories, pictures and access to various locations and that’s why Apps Gram’s Mobile Insurance provides you complete protection from theft of any such data from your phone if it gets stolen. Apps Gram’s special software locks your phone and doesn’t allow any intrusions so that by the time your phone is tracked the information is safe from getting misused.

Apps Gram’s mobile insurance not only covers your mobile in case of accidental damage, fluid damage, theft or burglary, etc. but also provides you virus protection and cloud backup so that you can keep your important information always safe from the fear of any kind of corruption. So if you are looking for a mobile insurance partner or want a comprehensive gadget insurance then look no further as Apps Gram is the best choice for you.